Cámbrico Rufete Pizarra VALLEOSCURO

Cámbrico Rufete Pizarra



Cámbrico Rufete Pizarra VALLEOSCURO

Valleoscuro is an 80 year old vineyard located in Garcibuey at an altitude of 750m.

The soil is grey slate. The vines literally take root on the rock as organic matter is practically non-existent. In such poor soil, yields are very low and inversely proportional to the quality of the grapes and consequently of the wine obtained. Only 800 grams are obtained per vine.

Vintage 2017:

91 points Guia Peñin

Type of grape

Rufete 100%


778 bottles


14% vol

Current 2016 vintage. In 2016 the spring was cool and fortunately very rainy so that the soil retained a moisture that was necessary in an extremely dry and rather hot summer, especially in July.

The harvest began on 5 September with very healthy grapes, medium acidity and good flavour.

Atlantic wine, with nerve, very smoky from the slatey soil, delicate. In Cámbrico Valleoscuro 2016 we find a contrast between the freshness of the Rufete grape and the deep flavour provided by the old vines rooted in pure slate.

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