Viñas del Cámbrico Rufete PIZARRA

Viñas del Cámbrico Rufete Blanco



It comes from a plot of slate soils located on a hillside in the Garcibuey area at an altitude of 700 m above sea level.

Type of grape

Rufete serrana Blanca


972 botellas


12.5 % vol

Current year 2017: Very early spring meant that the cycle started early. The summer was very hot and the grapes were harvested earlier than any year before. In the last week of August some storms allowed the plant to recover from the water stress and the grapes to complete ripening properly. Harvest in the second week of September.

It is a complex, somewhat tannic, well-structured wine, with aromas of ripe apples and notes of hydrocarbons on the nose and palate. The slate white Rufete has a slight hint of sweetness and is slightly more concentrated and unctuous than the granite white Cambrian.

  • Harvest in 15 kg crates with selection of clusters in the vineyard.
  • Selection of grapes on the table.
  • Fermentation in steel tanks with indigenous yeasts.
  • Must and wine are always moved by gravity.
  • Ageing on lees.

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