The Landscape

We make landscape and forest wines

The Cámbrico landscape in the southeast of Salamanca represents an exceptional tourist destination in Spain, a winery-landscape that respects the cultivation of vines in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve of the Sierras de Béjar and Francia.

Cultural asset Sierra de Francia

Cámbrico looks at the Peña de Francia, its golden eagles, black storks and forests of oak, strawberry and chestnut trees. The architecture of the half-timbered houses can be explained by the repopulation of settlers from Burgundy that took place in the 12th century through Count Raymond of Burgundy, married to the Infanta Urraca of León. There are no less than 34 sites of cultural interest in the area, including archaeological sites such as the Iron Age Cerro del Berrueco, the Roman gold mines of Las Cávenes in El Cabaco or the more than 100 cave wine presses that can be visited in San Esteban de la Sierra.

As a Natural Park we have a commitment

Our wines are mountain and forest wines as we are in the heart of the Sierra de Francia Natural Park. Oaks, strawberry trees, cork oaks, gall oaks and chestnut trees are integrated in the vineyards that we have gradually recovered since 1999. Thanks to the research, we have been able to learn more about the native varieties, among which the rufete and the white rufete stand out. We are strongly committed to the recovery of this cultural heritage, which we preserve through the organic cultivation of old vineyards, thereby promoting biodiversity and respect for nature.

Would you like to visit us?

Get to know the essence of our wine heritage recovery project. This is not a regular winery visit, is an exploration of the most forgotten wine-growing territory and a reminder of the Roman legacy and of the elders of the Sierra de Francia..