Very pure wines

Our wines are original because of their autochthonous grapes, the mixture of Atlantic and Mediterranean climates. The old vineyards nestled in a Biosphere Reserve, the altitude, the soils, the biodiversity… make the difference.

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The delicate rufete dark-skinned

Our essential grape is the rufete, the predominant variety in the area and a distant cousin of the pinot noir with which it shares the potential to produce very delicate yet intense, complex and fragile wines, with excellent acidity, very elegant.

This grape requires great care, but can produce exceptional wines. Cámbrico Rufete El Pocito comes from the oldest vines in our vineyard, vines that yield only 500 g of exceptional grapes from which we make one of the most complex wines.

The revealing white rufete

After seven years of research and numerous microvinifications, we have released a small number of bottles of this highly original wine.

The white rufete is the rarest of our varieties. Its fleshy skin, high acidity, late ripening and its own aromatic profile make it a unique grape that will bring much joy to Cámbrico, to other producers in the area and, above all, to those lucky enough to enjoy the wines produced from it.

Aragonés and Calabrés, wines with unusual personalities

Together with the rufete, we rescue the grape aragonés which is none other than Tempranillo acclimatised to Sierra de Francia. With a compact cluster, thicker and firmer skins than the rufete, it produces very original wines with pleasant aromas of forest fruits and the finesse that comes from centenary vines on granitic soils.

The calabrés was practically extinct. When we started its recovery in 2002 we only found 36 plants with which we made a microvinification with surprising results: little colour, aroma of roses and orange peel… with this result we decided to graft it on old vines to obtain more quality in less time. This is a rather unique local Garnacha, which the village elders used to say:

“Uva calabrés,
ni la comas ni la des,
ni la enseñes al vecino
que es muy buena para el vino”

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