A year full of excellent scores

This year 2022 will be our 22nd anniversary since 1999 when we started our particular titanic project to recover some of the oldest red rufete vines. Thanks to our collaboration with the Agricultural Technology Institute of Castilla y León, we were able to study 40 clones that we first isolated on different estates to end up selecting our first red varieties with the greatest potential, the most adapted ones. This work allowed us to better discover the local Calabrese (Garnacha), Tempranillo (Aragonese) and the white Serrano Rufete, which has been giving us so much joy lately, added to the magnificent news of being a finalist as a Revelation Wine in the Guia Peñin 2021, of which we only released 2000 bottles in its granite soils version. A year of high scores with which we celebrate our anniversary and the recognition of our exploration of the wines from different plots and soils of the white and red rufete.

Viñas del Cámbrico Rufete Blanco Granito

  • 93 points Peñín Guide and Finalist Revelation Wine Peñín Guide 2021 (Vintage 2019) “A white with character, aromatic wild mountain herbs, complex wilted flowers, background of reduced lees. Very tasty, with great freshness and full of complexity. Abarrel fermentedwine the fourth use wood, a relatively neutral wood that has allowed the grapes to ferment smoothly and to contribute to the wine without overpowering the wine as a whole. The grape skins are so thick that the resulting wine has an unusual tannin content, which makes it a white wine capable of withstanding more intense gastronomy. “It is a wine that improves with the bottle, as it softens all its character”. We have also seen how our first trials with this grape are evolving very well, so 8 or 10 years could last perfectly well”, to quote Fernando Maillo’s words. Our first contact with this grape came in the 2015 edition thanks to the La Zorra winery. This wine is the best exponent of this variety tasted by the Peñín Guide according to tasting director Carlos González: a wine that is the result of hard work and that will serve as an incentive for other producers in the area. The white universe of the Sierras de Salamanca has just been born and it has done so with a variety that has always been there”.
  • 94 Points Tim Atkin (Vintage 2017): “Made from organic grapes grown on granite soils in the little-known Sierra de Salamanca at 700 metres altitude, this is a very rare Spanish white with incredible texture, concentration and minerality, especially at just 12.5% alcohol. A saline impression, with a nose of yeasts and beeswax, with a vigorous and appetising finish. There is no perception of oak, just intensity and texture of fruit.

Cámbrico Rufete Granito El Pocito Tinto

  • 95 Points Tim Atkin (2014 vintage): “Pale in colour and hauntingly delicate, it is wild, savoury and complex, with wonderful grip and precision and a long, sandy finish”.
  • 93 Points Peñin Guide (2015 vintage): “Balsamic, ripe fruit, herbal notes and leather, very leathery and complex. Tasty, spicy, with an aftertaste of eucalyptus and very smooth tannins”.
  • 92 points Decanter (Vintage 2018):“A terrific, expressive red, with a surprising combination of cherry and plum skin and a sort of unfruity (let’s say rocky mineral) background. Fascinating, wild, novel”.

Viñas del Cámbrico Villanueva Tinto

  • 94 points Guia Peñin (Vintage 2016): “Very expressive, red fruit, floral, spicy, earthy. Tasty, fruity, long acidity and aftertaste”.
  • 93 Points Peñin Guide (Vintage 2017, 2018 and 2019): “With hints of balsamic, sweet spices, mountain herbs and red fruit. Spicy, balsamic, with great acidity” .
  • 94 Points Intervinos Guide (2017 and 2018 vintage).

Viñas del Cámbrico Miranda Tinto

  • 92 Points Peñin Guide (Vintage 2016 and 2017): “Well-ripened fruit in liquor, expressive, floral, dry and wild herbs, fine creamy oak, mineral. Very powerful, ripe fruit, with fine bitterness, to keep”.
  • 93 Points Intervinos Guide (2016 Vintage)