The voice of the Sierra de Francia in Madrid

David G Coca

As is customary every year to celebrate the new year and in a very artistic way, we were present together with the rest of the DOP Salamanca wineries in Madrid: Rochal, Don Celestino, El Robledo, Dominio de la Sierra, El Abuelo Flores, Cuarta Generación, La Zorra and Perahigos.

On this occasion it was the Casa Encendida, cradle of innovators and underground artists, which was the setting for a very original idea to come to life for our clients and friends. Before they could taste our new Cambrian wines and some exceptional vintages, the corridors were lined with a path of key elements such as climate, terraces, orography and grapes with phrases as suggestive as preparing the ground, rumour behind the threshold, the texture of the wind, the secret of the ascent and the embrace of the territory.

To feel it and hear it, a QR was associated to the icons where you could listen to the voice of the Sierra de Francia, which we leave you as a gift in a link below. Our sales representative in Madrid, Juan Carlos López, from the distributor Vila Viniteca, was able to explain the special features of the white rufete-based Cambrian with different soils, the red rufetes de parcela, the Calabrian Cambrian and the 575 Uvas de cupaje.

All the attendees highlighted the elegant and transparent essence of the wines, where the essence of the variety and the soil prevails over the ageing and the desire to visit the winery as one of the most spectacular wineries in the mountains.

Juan Carlos also insisted that these are very long-lived wines of extraordinary finesse, where the time spent in bottle before release makes them true works of art of the Sierra.

This is what the voice of Sierra de Francia sounds like